Dead Paradise 3 Game

At last, you are able to get to the safe haven, but there, you found out that the safe haven isn’t safe anymore as those scoundrels are able to locate it. Now, you need to protect the scientists and get them to the new hideout. It a tough job, but somebody needs to do it. It is just that you have the toughest vehicle around. You can say no, but the problem is that those scientist might not make it alive. The convoy is constantly attracting trouble. You need to know somehow, what is so special with them. And you need to know what makes paradise really special.

In the previous game, you would just need to reach the safe haven, but in this one, you need to protect a van. It would need to reach the safe haven. As usual, each enemies that you killed makes you money. Don’t worry since this game would be much easier than the last two since you are using a tank at the start of the game. Also, the convoy you are guarding also shoots as well. The money that you make can be used to upgrade the vehicle. If you want, you can go ahead and buy the best car.

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