Desktop Racing 2

Everyone enjoys someone on who is child-like because everyone can understand him. Initially, you thought that no one can understand you at the office since all of them are serious and must have forgotten how to enjoy themselves. You keep your hobby to yourself as you are too afraid that your officemates would laugh at you when they find out that you are still laying with your toy. It afternoon and you just finished your launch, you thought of playing by yourself since there is no one around, but your officemates suddenly appeared and you thought that they would laugh at you. You were wrong as they played with you. They promised to bring their own toy car so that they could play with you next time.

In this game, you either need to get to the finish line as fast as you can or do the other things that is required from you. Of course, you didn’t need to do that since that is for additional stars only. You can unlock the next level even if you didn’t do the other requirements. You can use the stars to upgrade your car or buy a new one. The game would be even harder and much more exciting as you make some progress.

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