Car Smash

We all have that inner violent thing that we need to let go of it would destroy our life. People say that we need to get it out of our system before it affects our family. If we can’t let it go then it haunt us as we grow old and that is something that would hold us for the rest of our life. That is why; some people gets too violent all of a sudden and they can’t control their anger. If it goes out of control then it would affect those we hold dearest to our hearts.

In this game, you have a chance to let it go as you need to destroy the car. There are no other explanation to this game as you just need to beat down the car till it’s fully destroyed. The game is played with a mouse and you need to change the part of the car that you are beating if you see that you are not getting some progress anymore. You know that you have been doing the right beating on the part of the car if you see those numbers rolling. If that stop then you need to change location since you are not doing any progress anymore. There is a time limit, so you need to do it fast.

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