Car Wash and Spa

Owing a car is something that you might get proud of since you are able to secure your own car, which means that you can get to travel to almost anywhere in your country. The only time that you can’t use it is when it is color coding. Anyway, you should clean it regularly, so that it won’t get dirty. Using it as much as possible is a must since it conditions the engines. If you won’t use it then you would get a problem with the engine someday. But, if you don’t have a time then you might want to visit the local car wash, which would take care of the car for you for just a minimal fee.

This game can be played with a mouse and the idea here is to clean the car. Well, generally that would be your objective, but you would not only do that since there are a lot of stuffs to do with the car. You can’t go wrong since there is an instruction and the game would guide all the way to the finish. You can also change the appearance of the car if you want to. If you don’t want then you can skip that part.

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